Wednesday, June 27, 2012

a poem scrawled on the bottom of a hotmail print out

monster shadow
we drool and play
always bare
hello sweet bed
sky gone
cry on
rust those chains
with those blue floods
sincerely with frantic love
please forgive me
my essential client
you picture perfect pedestrian
you are not as gorgeous
as you are tiny
so don't let the pink drunkeness
destroy you the way that you did me

An Idea

I've had an idea, as the title suggests.

While cleaning the other day I found piles and piles of poems written at various angst ridden moments in my life. Why not post them here for a good laugh or a good cry?

Since nobody reads this, it's going to be a hit, I'm sure.

First one to come after a bit of sorting.

Don't get too worked up while waiting.