Thursday, March 15, 2007

Something new!

I'm going to try a picture or two. I don't really have any on this computer because I took them all off after realizing I had very little memory. I'm in the process of eliminating this problem, but for now, I'm sort of stuck. If it works, there will be a flurry of photos and stories to go with them. I like stories, so I'm hoping it all goes well.

This is a dog painted up like a panda. It has, for the past few days kept me from taking a long walk off of a short pier. It's odd to me that such a simple thing can keep me from leaving my new perfectly wonderful job and sleeping all day. It's better than an alarm clock. I shower thinking of the moment that my computer will load and I can look at this glorious photograph. I'm sure everybody has seen it already, but I don't care. It's fantastic.

And now on to another fun image!

I like to look at this drawing and point at all the lymphnodes that I no longer have. It would probably be easier to point at the ones I do have. I downloaded this picture at the point in my life where I suddenly had to know for unfortunate reasons where all the lymphnodes were located in my body.

This all seems to work, so I'm hopeful about the future of this blog. It will grow increasingly more attractive. I like to cater to folks that prefer their words broken up with pictures. This weekend I'll work on posting more interesting photos, which will undoubtedly inspire me to write something interesting or at least not boring. It will not be about the movie, Rocky Balboa. I can promise that.

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misslunablu said...

You should get a acount, it's a good way to store your pics and share with others online without having to take up memory.