Monday, April 2, 2007

Art, I love it.

So, we've been going to the Denver Art Museum quite a bit. We are now members, so I suppose it makes sense. When we were there last I took some terrible photographs of this pot. It is by far the most wonderful pot I've ever seen in my life. I think I'll go back and try for some better photos before it goes away. In any case, it is a pot with various incarnations of Corn Woman on it. In each depiction Corn Woman's body is made of corn. It is beautiful. It nearly made me cry.

To the left you can see a very blurry photo of my favorite incarnation of Corn Woman. She has husks surrounding her and she's just beautiful. You can also really see the corn.

To the right you can see a photo that is actually in focus. Corn Woman is much smaller, but you may be able to get the sense of how beautiful this pot is. In my defense, they had this pot hidden behind many other pots. The photo to the right was taken through three glass cases. They really had this thing hidden.

Looking at these pots reminded me of the weaving that Mike brought back for me from Costa Rica. It was then that I realized I had proof that I have a liking for more colors than grey. This is no surprise to me, but nobody ever believes me. To the left here, you can see what Mike got me in Costa Rica. It's just a little over a foot wide and about six feet long. I'm not sure what to do with it, so I just keep petting it. It's nice and soft. Someday I'll have an enormous dining table with a candelabra in the center and under it will be this. Maybe that's a bit tacky. We'll see. I'll test it out before committing to it. All I need to test it is a giant house with a dining table.

The best part of our most recent trip to the museum was my photo next to a Nara painting while wearing a Nara shirt. We were quickly told by the nearest guard that photos were not allowed in that particular gallery. They should really label every entry with the no camera signs if they want me to know. If I walk in through the pot gallery and there's no sign, I'm not going to know. In any case, I was sad because I really wanted a photo next to the stacked heads in the coffee cup. I suppose this will do, though.

Finally, I'll get to some knitting. I'm sure all knitters have given up looking at this blog (except for Aidan, who I love more than he could know), because I never seem to mention knitting. Here is a pair of socks that I made for Chris. She loves them and this makes me infinitely happy. I used the Dublin Bay Sock pattern, which is rather relaxing. I can see how some folks might get bored with it. It is, after all, a boat load of stockinette, but I enjoy it. It's a great pair of socks for somebody that likes simple, but still enjoys a bit of flair. I used some Regia that I found laying about under all the other yarn. I rather like the colors.
I even wrapped it up in a little wrafia I inherited when I first started working at Intelligentsia. It came with my desk. I inherited some odd things while I was there.

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those are nice socks.