Monday, February 26, 2007

Dearest SagePixie,

I don't know you, but you're the only person that reads my blog, I think, so this is a letter for you.

You should go to Denver sometime. It's not so cold right now or even snow covered. There's a lot of sun here in CO. I live in Lafayette, myself, which is near Denver, but not too near. I recently moved from Chicago. It's big change. I'm not adjusting well, but knitting helps, as usual.

Where friendship is concerned, I have moved from the dense population of India to the sparse, frozen deserts of Siberia. I am lonely. I'm not alone, as I have a partner, two dogs and two rabbits, but I am lonely. I don't have anybody to sit with, though. I want to sit and not talk or talk about nothing. Folks to do such things with are fun and my kind of people. I had these kind of people in Chicago. Here in Lafayette, there isn't much, and there aren't many people. I think this is why I have started spending so much time online.

I am making socks for Mike's boss, Chris. She's a fantastic lady. I love her to pieces, so she gets socks. She wears 9 1/2 size shoes. I am excited about the opportunity to make socks for her. She use to get them from her gramma, and hasn't had any handmade socks for a couple of decades.

I did see Stephanie post my response on her blog. It made me giggly for a day or two. She's lovely, I think. I also think you're lovely. I hope you're having a good day.

Love, Hugo


SheepsPyjamas said...

Dear Hugo,
You have at least one other reader besides SagePixie, so there's at least two of us to chat with when you're inclined. It's funny, I live near Boston and I often think about how nice it would be to have some alone time with nobody and nothing about to distract me... One of the nice things about online is it offers perspective, hmm?
And lucky Mike's boss, to get socks -- one of my fave items to knit, but one can never have enough and there's always a queue waiting for them, hmmm?
Take care and make the most of your you time, adjustment will come...

Liz said...

stumbled upon your blog. I am also from Denver, but am now going to school on the eastcoast, and the longer i'm away the more i miss it. there are pleasant kintters to be found, as well as pleasant people in the denver area, i promise! we're just from the west so we're quick to be freindly and slow to trust.