Thursday, February 15, 2007

What we do.

Mike and I work in the coffee industry. It, like every industry, has some strange quirks. It has afforded us some oppurtunities, though. For instance, when Mike was competing in barista competitions I was able to knit him some centerpieces as well as dye them in coffee. I've also been able to work with jute bags and other interesting things.

Mike has recently started traveling more. This is wonderful on many levels. He is meeting the farmers that he works with and building relationships. This makes me happy. What makes me happier are the presents that he brings back. He just got back from Costa Rica where he bought me a lovely woven piece. I do no weaving of my own, and although I understand the basics, I'm baffled at how they made this. It is much too long to leave on display at all times, which is a shame. Some day when we're very rich with a loooooooong table I will lay it out. There will be a chandalier with perfect lighting as well, which will make it seem even more beautiful. I'm currently pushing for a trip to Peru. I have wild fantasies about him befriending a herd of vicuna and bringing home all the softness that they have to offer. It could happen.

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