Wednesday, February 14, 2007

oh my!

Sagepixie has read my blog. I do believe she is the only person on earth. So, thanks to you, Sagepixie for reading this and for your kind words in the comments.

Today, on St. Valentine's Day, I would like to talk about Mike. Let's address his knitting ability. He knits, and this has made us the center of attention at many a knitting group. We have historically been the two guys that knit. We have been introduced in the following manner, "That's Hugo and that's Mike. They're guys. They knit." The only place this never happened, of course, was at Stitches in Britches. I miss those boys. But, back to Mike. If knitters are wizards and witches and non-knitters are muggles, well then Mike is a squib. He's capable of knitting. He's not the best knitter there, is, though. I constantly have to show him how to SSK and how to do left twists, etc. Because he enjoys cables and items with tons of shaping and color work. I don't mind showing him these things every week. It's kind of fun. What I do mind is the way that he doesn't need yarn or socks or five projects at once. This man starts a project after picking the perfect yarn for it and then he finishes it. It could take him four months to finish a hat because he doesn't knit during every free moment that he has or even while watching tv, but he finishes his projects without ever looking sideways at another skein of yarn. He is strange. And I love him. Nearly 9 years with this boy and he is still peculiar to me.

And for Valentine's Day, here is a bit from Anne Sexton's 'The White Snake'
"He returned to the princess
saying, I am but a traveling man
but here is what you hunger for.
The apple was as smooth as oilskin
and when she took a bite
it was as sweet and crisp as the moon.
Their bodies met over such a dish.
His tongue lay in her mouth
as delicately as the white snake.
They played house, little charmers,
exceptionally well.
So, of course,
they were placed in a box
and painted identically blue
and thus passed their days
living happily ever after -
a kind of coffin,
a kind of blue funk.
Is it not?"

Now, back to the socks. They call to me.


five13 wannabe said...

I clicked through from Stephanie's comments because I agree, I think, about recognition. Part of day-to-day goodness (or "saintliness" if you like) is performing truly selfless acts, and that further means having the ability to act selflessly without any chance at all of recognition. I'm okay with it myself, because I'm not ever looking to have the Church canonize me, but it does mean that I don't think that the Church actually knows who the real saints are.

JenneferDawn said...

honey, you've been harloted, there will be sooo many people visiting. Have fun! I too have an uncontroled urge for yarn purchases, I completely understand.

Susan said...

Hi - found your blog through the yarnharlot. Thanks for sharing - I'm always interested in guys who knit, although I myself am of the female persuasion. Rock on - Susan

Anonymous said...

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