Tuesday, February 6, 2007

worries and celebrations

Mike, who you've not met, yet, is in Costa Rica. I get a bit insane when he's away. He is the person that keeps me in check, frowns at me when I've spent all my money on yarn, goes stiff in the back when I've bought yet another book that I will never open again after finishing it, cuts me off when I've had too many gin and tonics (which isn't hard since he's the one that makes them for me), etc. So, he's in Costa Rica, and I'm not only expected to keep myself under control, I have our dogs and rabbits to take care of. Usually he does the bulk of this. What this means is that I have to act like a grown up. This is fine. I can do it.

I started out being an adult after I dropped him off at the airport. Driving home from Denver International Airport was my first foray into driving here in CO. On our drive out here from Chicago, I stopped driving in Nebraska due to my need to knit and nap. So, the driving went well, although it was a bit scary, as the roads were dangerous at the time. For some reason, throwing dirt on top of snow and ice makes driving conditions a bit safer, but not by much. I miss the salted streets of Chicago. Sure it rusts your car, but at least you don't think you're going to die at any moment because nobody's car is gripping the road and dirt is constantly being kicked onto all of your windows. After this I made a trip to the Social Security office and to the DMV. I found out that although the federal government will recognize that I am male, the state of Colorado needs me to go see a doctor first and have them fill out a form. This means my driver's license will have to wait until I have medical coverage, because I'm not going to pay a doctor a bunch of money so that I can get a driver's license.

All of that sitting and waiting and being responsible translated into me needing a trip to Shuttles, Spindles, and Skeins, the nearest and most stocked yarn shop I've ever been to. Mind you, it's not that close to where I live. This is mainly because Mike, in his attempt to find a place centrally located, managed to place us far away from everything instead of far away from a few things and close to the rest. We'll deal with this when the lease is up. I went for some yarn to make my mother a scarf. Her hockey team changed their colors and she's still wearing her old scarf to the games. She feels that she is the focus of much staring and giggling because of this. I think she's crazy. Everybody there is drunk and most likely giggling at some nonsense like their own flatulence. Alas, I will make her this new scarf, since she has made two of her own attempts and is still at the point in her knitting where she can't knit.

While at Shuttles I found some Koigu that I felt needed purchasing. When I finish the other two pairs of socks on needles I'll get to this. I also found in the orphan pile some Dalegarn Tiur. Two skeins in goldish and two skeins in redish. I became more than excited when I saw these. They will make a nice pair of Gryffindor socks and also some other little whimsies. After all, it's about time to get started on my Harry Potter knitting. I only have 6 months until movie 5 and book 7. I am worried that I didn't get enough yarn, but also worried that I spent too much money. I am excited, though, because I have a very promising interview on Thursday at 1pm. If I get this job, maybe I can take the class with Nancy Bush in March, if the class isn't full by the time I have the money. Perhaps there will be other oppurtunities. I have hope. Not just for this, but for many other things.

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