Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I'd be delighted to make that connection for you!

Transferring phone calls is always exhilirating for me. I'm not sure why. There's just something so uncertain about it. I'm pretty sure it's always successful, but you can never be positive. The person you just talked to might have just disappeared, and along with that lost connection there went a piece of their soul. Maybe.

I know. It's just a telephone call, you say. I can't help it. I get carried away sometimes.

I found out the other day that although Mike's family came from Eastern Europe and some of them were even Czech, he had never heard of a Golem. I scoffed lovingly, as I do and he responded with his usual, "You know I don't know about Jewish stuff. I forgot everything I ever learned after my Bar Mitzvah." I never let him forget this. I am not Jewish and for some reason I'm the one that always wants to make hamentashen for Purim and read the Book of Esther and practice the little Hebrew I know and learn Yiddish and so on and so forth. So, we went to the library, where I knew I'd find my favorite book about Golem. It is by David Wisniewski, and it's likely that your library has it. If they don't, they probably have other books by him. They're all worth checking out and at times worth buying. This particular book is called "Golem." Wisniewski does things with construction paper that I would never think of doing. Even if you can't read you should see his work. Although, my suggestion won't go far if you can't read. Mike now has a sense of the Golem and its significance. This makes me happy. After all, even if you don't particularly enjoy the culture you were born into, it's no reason to remain ignorant of it.

Blue Moon sock club is shipping this week. I haven't received anything yet, but I'm trying to remain level headed about the whole thing. It will arrive and all will be well.

And a note to somebody that definitely doesn't read this blog. When you speak Spanish in front of me, no matter how much you try to whisper, I can still understand you. I know what you said. I am not amused, even though I laughed.

You see, it's all about connections. It's not just phones. That's life. You connect with your culture or you don't. You choose another culture to connect with. Sometimes you are dumped off the line and you have to call back and find what you were looking for again. And sometimes you just have to sit on the line and wait a bit for what you need. Sometimes you're on the line and the person talking doesn't realize it. Connections. They're neat. Our lives wouldn't be anything without them. Thanks to those making a connection here. I like it.


SheepsPyjamas said...

As one who discovered her own heritage much later than sooner, I agree... Connect!

Angel said...

I'm connecting with you. I live in the mountains of Colorado. I also have a partner who is jewish, I am not. I have enjoyed your blog. Thoughts on the Blue Moon Sock Club?

Aidan said...

I spent a summer working the switchboard for a bustling religious center (possibly a cult). The phones rang off the hook, and I remember it quite fondly. I enjoyed the contact with so many people and put a lot of effort into being efficient, friendly and knowledgable. Sort of a cross between Ernestine the Operator and Miss Hathaway.

Happy Purim...what is your costume this year? I'm going as a depressed, middle-aged white man.

SagePixie said...

SEE!! I'm not the only one who reads your blog ;-)

but I do love the attention!

I'm excited to see what the sock club consists of. As I haven't been able to complete a sock yet I held off for this year. Pleas post pics as soon as you get your beloved parcel.

It takes time to connect with local people and winter makes it harder because you want to stay home all the more. Have you checked for local knitting clubs in your area?

Love and Laughter,

Anonymous said...

Great post. Looking forward to the next one.